William Felton
(1715 - 1769)

Felton : Felton's gavotte : illustration

Felton's gavotte
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Originally appearing in Felton's Organ concerto in A major, Op. 1 no. 3 (of which this is the organ part; a full edition of the concerto is also available). The piece had great success as Felton's gavotte, then being associated with the song "Farewell Manchester". It has most recently been popular as the Morris Dance "Ring o' bells" (Lichfield). Felton was a prebendary of Hereford Cathedral and, according to Charles Burney, the butt of a drollery by Handel. Solicited to subscribe to Felton's second set of organ concertos, Handel's response was: "Tamn your seluf and go to der teiffel! A barson make concerto! Why he no make sarmon?" [Damn your self and go to the devil! A parson compose a concerto! Why doesn't he compose a sermon?]