Henry Harington
(1727 - 1816)

Harington : Queen Mab's march : illustration

Queen Mab's march
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From "Songs, duets and other compositions by Doctor Harington of Bath never before published. Studio fallente laborem. London. Printed for the author & sold by the engraver E. Riley No. 8 Strand J. Preston No. 97 Strand Lintern's Bath &c". 1800.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

See, o'er the brow the moon doth peep;
Ye fairy sprites forsake your sleep.
Hark to my call, 'tis Mab your queen,
And let your merry pranks be seen.
Fill your acorns to the brink,
Let pearly dewdrops be your drink;
Then haste away to dance and play.

Come follow, follow me
All ye fairy elves that be,
Come follow, follow Mab your queen
And trip it still unseen.

Hand in hand let's dance around,
And lightly tread the circl'd ground.
When dull mortals are at rest
And snoring, snoring in their nest,
Then unheard and unespied
We through the keyhole quickly glide,
And over tables, stools and shelves
How nimbly sport our fairy elves.

By midnight revels, when distressed
And wearied Nature seeks her rest,
Soon as the moon doth hide her head
The glow-worm lights us home to bed.