William Byrd
(c.1540 - 1623)

Byrd : Unto the hills mine eyes I lift : illustration

Unto the hills mine eyes I lift
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From "Songs of sundry natures", London, 1589.
Lyrics: Psalm 121

Unto the hills mine eyes I lift,
My hope shall never fade,
But from the Lord I look for help,
That heaven and earth hath made.

Thy foot he will from slipping save,
And he that doth thee keep,
With watchful eye will thee preserve,
Without slumber or sleep.

The Lord thy keeper and shade is,
And stands at thy right arm,
The sun by day shall not thee burn,
Nor moon by night thee harm.

The Lord shall keep thee from all ill,
Thy soul he shall preserve,
And all thy ways both in and out,
For ever shall conserve.