John Clarke-Whitfeld
(1770 - 1836)

When whispering strains
(A.T.B. + reduction)
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Glee, three voices, composed by Dr J. Clarke of Cambridge. Printed and sold by PRESTON, at his Wholesale Warehouse, 97 Strand. Price 1/6.
Lyrics: William Strode

When whisp'ring strains do softly steal
With creeping passion through the heart,
And where at ev'ry touch
We feel our pulses beat, and bear a part;
When the threads can make a heart-string quake,
Philosophy can scarce deny
The soul consists in harmony.
O lull me, charming air,
My senses rock with music sweet;
Like snow on wool thy fallings are,
Soft like a spirit are thy feet;
Grief who need fear, that hath an ear,
Down let him lie, and slumb'ring die,
And change his soul to harmony.