John Broderip
(1719 - 1770)

When Delia on the plain appears
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John Broderip was perhaps the most prominent member of a dynasty of west country musicians. He was organist at Wells Cathedral (succeeding his father) and published psalmody and glees. This glee comes from his collection of six (Op. 5), c.1770; he also wrote glees in collaboration with Henry Harington, M.D. in Wells then Bath, and leading light of the Bath Harmonic Society.
Lyrics: George Lyttelton, Lord Lyttelton

When Delia on the plain appears,
Awed by a thousand tender fears,
I would approach, but dare not move
Tell me my heart if this be love?

Whene'er she speaks my ravish'd ear
No other voice but hers can hear,
No other wit but hers approve,
Tell me my heart if this be love?

When she is absent I no more
Delight in all that pleas'd before,
The clearest spring, the shadiest grove,
Tell me my heart if this be love?