Willoughby Bertie, 4th Earl of Abingdon
(1740 - 1799)

Abingdon : All hail to the myrtle shade : illustration

All hail to the myrtle shade
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From "Twelve sentimental catches and glees for three voices melodized by the Right Honble The Earl of Abingdon, the accompaniments for the harp or pianoforte by the celebrated Dr. Haydn".
Lyrics: Nathaniel Lee

Hail to the myrtle shade,
All hail to the nymphs of the fields,
Kings would not here invade
Those pleasures that virtue yields.
Beauty here opens her arms
To soften the languishing mind,
And Phillis unlocks her charms;
Ah Phillis, Ah why so kind?

Phyllis, thou soul of love,
Thou joy of the neighb'ring swains:
Phyllis, that crowns the grove,
And Phyllis, that gilds the plains:
Phyllis, that ne'er had the skill
To paint and to patch and be fine;
Yet Phyllis, whose eyes can kill,
Whom Nature has made divine.

Phyllis, whose charming song
Makes labour and pains a delight:
Phyllis, that makes the day young,
And shortens the liv'd long night:
Phyllis, whose lips like May
Still laugh at the sweets that they bring,
Where love never knows decay,
But sets with eternal spring.