Garret Wesley, 1st Earl of Mornington
(1735 - 1781)

As it fell upon a day
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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Between 1763 and 1794 Thomas Warren published, through differing publishers, an annual collection of catches, canons and glees, under the aegis of the Catch Club. This item was published in the seventeenth collection.
Lyrics: Richard Barnefield

As it fell upon a day
In the merry month of May,
Sitting in a pleasant shade
Which a grove of myrtles made,
Beasts did leap and birds did sing,
Trees did grow and plants did spring;
Ev'rything did banish moan
Save the Nightingale alone:
She, poor bird, as all forlorn
Leaning her breast against a thorn,
And there sung the dolefullest ditty,
Which to hear it was great pity.
Scarce I could from tears refrain
To hear her thus complain;
For her griefs so lively shown
Made me think upon mine own.