John Travers
(c.1703 - 1758)

Haste my Nanette
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One of Travers's popular two-part canzonets arranged by a fellow Gentleman of the Chapel Royal of a later generation for use in the glee club repertoire.
Lyrics: Matthew Prior

Haste my Nanette my lovely maid,
Haste to the bower thy swain has made;
For thee alone I made the bow'r
And strew'd the couch with many a flow'r.
None but my sheep shall near us come,
Venus be prais'd my sheep are dumb.
Great god of love take thou my crook,
To keep the wolf from Nanette's flock;
Guard thou the sheep to her so dear;
My own, alas, are less my care;
But of the wolf if thou art afraid
Come not to us to call for aid;
For with her swain my love shall stay
Tho' the wolf stroll, and tho' the sheep stray.