Benjamin Cooke
(1734 - 1793)

Cooke : As now the shades of eve imbrown : illustration

As now the shades of eve imbrown
(S.S.A.B. + reduction)
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This glee gained a Catch Club prize medal in 1782.
Lyrics: Anon

As now the shades of eve imbrown
The scenes where pensive poets rove,
From care remote from envy's frown
The joys of inward joy I prove.

What holy strains around me swell,
No wildly rude tumultuous sound;
They fix the soul in magic spell;
Soft let me tread this favour'd ground.

Sweet is the gale that breathes the Spring,
Sweet thro' the vale yon winding stream,
Sweet are the notes Love's warblers sing,
But sweeter Friendship's solemn theme.