Joseph Corfe (arr.)
(1740 - 1820)

Eileen Aroon
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A traditional Irish tune with John Hely Hutchinson's paraphrase of the Gaelic words redrafted as a three-part glee by Joseph Corfe. Corfe set only two (of seven) verses, but the other five have been appended to this edition.

At the time of original publication, transliteration of Gaelic shewed an infinite variety. Corfe's title "Aillen a'Roon" has been modernised.
Lyrics: John Hely Hutchinson

Oh welcome, my Eileen, the moment is blest
That brings thee to soothe ev'ry care of my breast.
Those eyes that beheld thee, those arms that enfold thee,
This faithful heart beating in joy of our meeting;
O welcome a thousand times, Eileen Aroon.

If to welcome thee, all things in nature unite,
In what strains shall thy Donald express his delight?
At sight of his treasure, transported with pleasure,
Thus gazing and pressing to his bosom his blessing;
O welcome a thousand times, Eileen Aroon.