Luffman Atterbury
(1740 - 1796)

Happy we, who through the meadows rove
(A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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"A favourite Glee as Sung at THE VOCAL CONCERTS, WILLIS'S ROOM S&c.Composed by L. Atterbury, Musician in Ordinary to his Majesty."
Lyrics: Anon

Happy we, who through the meadows rove,
Watchful of our harmless sheep,
Enjoy the sweets of peace and love,
Free from care to break our sleep.

When we feel the ev'ning air,
And the night invites us home,
To our cottage we repair,
Where content delights to come.

When Winter reigns with icy hand,
And frost with snow o'erspreads the ground,
In calm content we tread the land
To guard our bleating flocks around.