Richard Suett
(1755 - 1805)

One night, when all the village slept
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A glee written by Suett for use at the Ad Libitum Society, of which he was a member.

The Ad Libitum Society was a dining club (like the Beefsteak Club, with which it had members and premises in common), which maintained its own kitchen, wine cellar and cook, and where professional musicians and gentleman amateurs could meet and socialise together. Suett himself was a comedian and professional singer.
Lyrics: Sir Carr Scrope

One night, when all the village slept,
Myrtillo's sad despair
The wand'ring shepherd waking kept
To tell the woods his care.
"Begone", said he, "fond thoughts, begone,
Eyes, give your sorrows o'er;
Why should you waste your tears for one
That thinks on you no more?

"Then since she's lost, Oh let me have
My wish and quickly die;
In this cold bank I'll make a grave,
And there forever lie.
Sad nightingales the watch shall keep
And kindly here complain."
Then down the shepherd lay to sleep,
But never waked again.