John Danby
(c.1757 - 1798)

'Tis midnight all
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From Danby's fourth collection of glees, published posthumously "for the benefit of his widow and four infant children".

This glee was awarded a Catch Club Prize Medal in !794.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

'Tis midnight all, now sacred silence reigns,
And breathes an awful horror o'er the plains;
No noise is heard, save the low murm'ring breeze,
Whilst Zephyr faintly sighs among the trees;
The charmers of the grove, with sleep oppress'd,
Their liitle loves forgot, are all removed to rest.

And now the prudent nightingale assays
In trilling notes to chaunt her maker's praise.
All unmolested by the feather'd throng
She sits and sings alone, while heav'n approves the song;
Her soft-breathed music and enchanting strains
Call out the list'ning stars, and fill the lonely plains.