Jacob Cubitt Pring
(1770 - 1799)

O Harmony, sweet minstrel
(S.A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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Pring was organist of St Botolph Aldgate, and a founder member of the Concentores Society (glee club).
Lyrics: Charles Valentine Le Grice

O Harmony, sweet minstrel of the spheres,
Who know'st to raise the rapt'rous glow,
Or wake the tend'rest tear of woe;
Come dear companion of my future years.
Oft in sorrow's saddest hour,
The softest magic of thy pow'r
Shall soothe my troubled breast to peace,
'Til the hush'd storm shall seem to cease.
O when the tumult of my joy runs high,
Shall lull my melted soul to ecstasy.
Come dear companion of my future years,
O Harmony, sweet minstrel of the spheres.