Rev. J. Johnson

Alas, how plaintive pity
(T.T.B. or S.S.B.)
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Issued as one of
"Six glees for two, three and four voices, Compos'd by an Essex amateur
Entered at Stationers Hall. Price 3s."
and with the dedication
"To the Honble. Mrs Musgrave (as the best and most accomplish'd Woman of his acquaintance) These Glees are humbly inscribed by her devoted friend and servant The Author."

Study of the registers of Stationers' Hall shew the author behind the anonymity to have been one Rev. J. Johnson, but nothing further is known of him beyond his name.
Lyrics: Anon

Alas, how plaintive pity pleads for those
Through distant paths whose business 'tis to roam.
If o'er their progress dire disease impose
Its way; retarding fetters far from home;
Far from that home, whose soul-composing power
Can still the struggles of departing breath,
Can give religious calmness in the hour,
The awful all-o'erwhelming hour of death.