James Brooks
(1760 - 1809)

Brooks : 'Twas on the Severn's sedgy margin : illustration

'Twas on the Severn's sedgy margin
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"Sung by Mrs Second at the Bath Concerts. Compos'd by Mr Brooks" .
Lyrics: Anne Hughes

'Twas on the Severn's sedgy margin
Where pensive Damon chanced to stray,
All on the moss-grown bank reclining,
He tuned to the winds his careless lay.

Stupendous mountains heard his murm'ring,
Sweet echo heard his plaintive song;
Strong pendent rocks the wild notes warbling,
Adown the dale soft notes prolong.

How sad his fate, whose heart e'er changing,
That roves at large and fixed by none;
How happier he who, free from ranging,
Still fondly loves, and loves but one.