James Brooks
(1760 - 1809)

Queen Mab's song
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From Brooks' first set of glees, printed in London and Bath, c.1796

Queen Mab (Titania) seems to have been held in special affection by the members of the Bath Philharmonic Society: fellow-member Henry Harington also contributed a setting celebrating the antics of the queen and her subjects.
Lyrics: Anon

Come follow me, ye fairy elves
That be light tripping o'er the green,
Come follow Mab your queen.
Hand in hand we'll dance around,
For this place is fairy ground.
When mortals are at rest
And snoring in their rest,
Unheard and unespied
Through keyholes we do glide,
Over tables, stools and shelves
We trip with our fairy elves.
When, if the house be swept,
And from uncleanness kept,
We praise the household maid,
And duly she is paid;
Ev'ry night before we go
We drop a tester in her shoe.