William Shield (arr.)
(1748 - 1829)

Shield (arr.) : Lady Anne Bothwell's lament (Baloo, my babe) : illustration

Lady Anne Bothwell's lament (Baloo, my babe)
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One of Shield's arrangements of Scottish songs. "Scots airs" were popular throughout society in the 1790s. The collection in which this item appeared, produced by the printer to the king, had in its subscription list figures as diverse as (e.g.) Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and William Blake.
Lyrics: Anon

Baloo, my babe, lie still and sleep,
It grieves me sore to see thee weep;
If thou'll be silent I'll be glad,
Thy moaning makes my heart full sad.
Baloo my babe, thy mother's joy,
Thy father breeds me great annoy.

Lie still, my darling, sleep awhile,
And when thou wakest, sweetly smile,
But do not smile not as father did
To cozen maidens, God forbid.
What yet I fear that thou should leer,
Thy father's heart and voice to bear!

When he began to court my love
With sugared words he did me move.
His feigning face and flattering tears
That unto me in time appears.
But now I see that cruelty
Cares neither for my babe nor me.

Be still my sad one: spare those tears,
To weep when thou hast wit and years;
Thy griefs are gathering to a sum,
God grant thee patience when they come;
Born to proclaim a mother's shame,
A mother's fall, a bastard's name.