John Fane, Lord Burghersh
(1784 - 1859)

Crabbed age and youth
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"Composed and dedicated to William Knyvett, Esq. Conductor of the Antient Concerts...This ballad is founded upon the ancient Greek enharmonic mode, in which the 4th and 7th of the scale are omitted, as in the scale used in the Scotch melodies."

Lord Burghersh was a keen amateur composer, credited with the founding of the Royal Academy of Music in 1823.
Lyrics: William Shakespeare

Crabbed age and youth
Cannot live together;
Youth is full of pleasance,
Age is full of care;
Youth is nimble, age is tame.
Youth is hot and bold,
Age is weak and cold;
Youth is wild and age is tame.
Age, I do abhor thee;
Youth, I do adore thee.