John Casson (arr.)
(fl.1790 - 1800)

Balance the straw (with variations)
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From "Eight favorite airs with variations", printed for the author. London, 1793. The theme has been retitled and re-attributed editorially. Casson entitled it "March by Dr. Arne": however the tune is thought to be Irish (c.1735) in origin, and was borrowed by James Oswald, appearing as a march in "The Tulip" (Airs for the seasons), and as a song for the theatre, "Balance a straw", under which name it was adopted by several morris traditions.

N.B. The tune has subsequently been identified in the medley at the end of act one of "Love in a village", largely compiled from pre-existing tunes by Arne in 1763. In that appearance, it is not treated as a march.