George William Chard
(?1765 - 1849)

Hail lovely nymph
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"Composed by G.W.Chard, organist of Winchester Cathedral & College, the words having been written by Richard Hart, junr. of Christ's Hospital (a youth of 13 years of age, who is now no more). The composer has been induced from respect to his memory and abilities to set them. London. Printed for R. Hart, to whom it was presented by the composer. Compos'd July 25th, 1803. The words being an Ode to Peace were written on the conclusion of the last war,1802."

Apart from this response to the peace gained, albeit fleetingly, by the Treaty of Amiens, Chard composed vey little. He is most remembered as a teacher, being tutor to Jane Austen at her home in Steventon.
Lyrics: Richard Hart

Hail lovely nymph, whom Britain's isles adore;,
Welcome, thrice welcome, to the British shore.
Now the fierce god of all-destroying war
Stops his career and turns his dreadful car.
The sea no more he'll stain with human blood,
No more the waters with a gory flood.
Sound the brazen trumpet, beat the drum;
Let this be public joy, for peace has come.
Come fill the glass, hand round the flowing bowl,
With jovial wine revive the drooping soul.
Now commerce we shall see with joy increase,
Now we shall taste the blissful fruits of peace;
Now each will rest in undisturbed repose.
Free from destructive want, the worst of foes.