Love, music and friendship
(T.T.B. or S.A.B.)
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"A glee for three voices, dedicated to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, by an amateur. . .Printed for a gentlewoman in indigent circumstances: to be had at No. 70 Berners Street & at all music shops." London, c.1800.
Lyrics: Anon

The sweet charms of music I ever admire;
Love, music and friendship are all we desire.
Love is food for the gods and for angels above,
Then let us all join in sweet music and love.

What else then so pleasant on earth to be found
As harmonized love with sweet melody crowned.
All those who have souls will think music divine,
All those who can sing shall sip nectar's rich wine.

In song, catch and glee may we ever unite,
With harmonic sounds fill the ear with delight;
In beautiful airs bid adieu to all strife.
Love music and friendship are the beauties of life.