Theodore Aylward
(1730 - 1801)

Come, Holy Spirit, from above
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On His Majesty's drinking the waters at Cheltenham.

Hebraist Dimock presented his ode (in Hebrew) to the king upon his visit to Cheltenham to take the waters in 1788. The king's illness subsequently proved to be the first manifestation of his recurring madness. Aylward's setting of a translation was later performed for the king at Windsor.
Lyrics: Henry Dimock

Come, Holy Spirit, from above,
As in the first creative hour,
And on the waters gently move
To give them ev'ry healing pow'r.

Physicians' skill will not avail
Unless Jehovah lends his aid:
The best of waters can't prevail
Unless "It shall be" He hath said.

Make then, O Lord, this copious spring
A well of life at thy decree;
May it preserve our gracious king
That long his people blest may be.