Richard Woodward
(1743 - 1777)

The Crystal Tear
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Woodward was organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. This setting was printed for the author in London, 1767.
Lyrics: Anon

What means that tender sigh my dear,
Why silent drops that crystal tear?
What jealous fears disturb thy breast
Where love and peace delights to rest?
What, tho' thy Jocky has been seen
With Molly sporting on the green;
'Twas but an artful trick to prove
The matchless force of Jenny's love.

'Tis true a nosegay I address'd,
To grace the witty Daphne's breast;
Which was at her desire to try
If Damon cast a jealous eye.
Those flow'rs will fade by morning dawn
Neglected, scatter'd o'er the lawn;
But in thy fragrant bosom lies
A sweet perfume that never dies.