Richard Langdon
(1729 - 1803)

The Landskip
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Langdon was organist at Exeter Cathedral, 1753-1777. He then became organist at the cathedrals of Ely (1777), Bristol (1778), and Armagh (1782), retiring back to Exeter in 1794. This setting was published in his collection of "Ten songs and a Cantata", Op. 1, c.1754.
Lyrics: William Shenstone

How pleased within my native bowers
Erewhile I passed the day;
Was ever scene so decked with flowers,
Were ever flowers so gay?
How sweetly smiled the hill, the dale
And all the landskip round;
The river gliding down the vale,
The hill with beeches crowned.

But now, when urged by tender woes,
I speed to meet my dear,
That hill and stream my zeal oppose,
And stop my fond career;
No more, since Daphne was my theme,
Their wonted charms I see;
That verdant hill and silver stream
Divide my love and me.