Richard Woodward
(1743 - 1777)

The Landskip
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Woodward was organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. This setting was printed for the author in London, 1767.
Lyrics: William Shenstone

How pleased within my native bowers
Erewhile I passed the day;
Was ever scene so decked with flowers,
Were ever flowers so gay?
How sweetly smiled the hill, the dale
And all the landskip round;
The river gliding down the vale,
The hill with beeches crowned.

But now, when urged by tender woes,
I speed to meet my dear,
That hill and stream my zeal oppose,
and stop my fond career;
No more, since Daphne was my theme,
Their wonted charms I see;
That verdant hill and silver stream
Divide my love and me.