Thomas Arne
(1710 - 1778)

Arne : My roving heart has oft with pride (arr. Jackson) : illustration

My roving heart has oft with pride (arr. Jackson)
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This piece is an adaptation as a canzonet of a song by Thomas Arne, published in Jackson's vocal quartets, Op. XI.

Jackson was organist of Exeter Cathedral and a theorist on music. A friend of Thomas Gainsborough, he corresponded with him on the subject of aesthetics.
Lyrics: ? Thomas Arne

My roving heart has oft with pride
Dissolved love's silken chains,
The wanton deity defied,
And scorned his sharpest pains.

But from thy form resistless stream
Such charms as must control;
In thee the fairest features beam,
The noblest, brightest soul.

Pleased in thy converse all the day,
Life's sand unheeded runs;
With thee I'll hail the rising ray,
And talk down summer suns.

While friendship and so bright a flame
With equal force shall shine,
Our love, in fondness still the same,
Each day shall more refine.