William Benson Earle
(1740 - 1796)

Earle : Perche, crudel Destino : illustration

Perche, crudel Destino
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From "Eight Glees compos'd by W.B.Earle, Esqr." London, c.1780.

Earle was an aristocrat and philanthropist who lived much of his life in the Close, Salisbury. He was a keen amateur musician who wrote several well-crafted glees.
Lyrics: Giovanni Battista Guarini

Perche, crudel Destino, ne disunisci tu,
S'amor ne stringe?
E tu perche ne stringe se ne part' il Destino,
Perfido amor?

Thou cruel Destiny, why do you part us
If love joins us?
And you, faithless Love, why do you not leave us
When Destiny leaves?