Johann Christoph Pepusch (arr.)
(1667 - 1752)

The Beggar's Opera (Overture) - Trio Version
(Any instruments)
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Published in "The Excellent Choice, being a collection of the most favourite old song tunes in the Beggar's Opera, set for 3 voices in the manner of catches, or for two German flutes and a bass by Dr. Pepusch and the most eminent English masters." London, printed for I. Walsh c.1755.

In 1728 Pepusch left the Beggar's Opera with a quickly written overture and perfunctory bass lines for the selected airs. If he indeed had any involvement in the current arrangement (published posthumously) then he seems to have returned to the source of his former success in the cynical manner of an ageing rock-band reforming to raise one more pension premium.