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Ally Croaker
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New Ally Croaker. Sung by Mrs Jordan in The Strangers at home. c.1790.
Lyrics: Anon

When first I began, sir, to ogle the ladies
And prattle soft nothings, as a pretty fellow's trade is,
Whilst with rapt'rous praises I dwell on ev'ry feature,
If I stole a sly kiss 'twas "Fie, you wicked creature",
But soon in tones lower and softer and sweeter,
Half-pleased, they'd whisper "Fie, fie you wicked creature".

Indeed my attractions no gallantry needed,
Each evening new conquests to conquests succeeded;
Perplexed how so many fond claims I should parry,
To settle them all I resolved, faith, to marry;
And pressed lovely Laura in language still sweeter,
Til, blushing, she whispered "I'm yours, you wicked creature".