Richard Langdon
(1729 - 1803)

Ye birds, for whom I reared the grove
(S.S.T.B. + reduction)
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Pub. c.1780 in Langdon's Twelve Glees, Op. 6.
Lyrics: William Shenstone

Ye birds, for whom I reared the grove,
With melting lays salute my love;
My Daphne with your notes detain
Or I have reared the grove in vain.

Ye flow'rs, which early Spring supplies,
Display at once your brightest dyes,
That she your op'ning charms may see,
Or what were else your charms to me?

Ye streams, if e'er your banks loved,
If e'er your native sounds improved,
May each soft murmur soothe my fair
Or sure, 'twill deepen my despair.