Richard Langdon
(1729 - 1803)

If, when death shall lift his dart
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Pub. c.1780 in Langdon's Twelve Glees, Op. 6.
Lyrics: Anacreon imitated, T. Candi

If, when death shall lift his dart,
Gold could bribe him to depart,
None than I would labour more
To increase the glitt'ring store.

But, since riches have no power
To put off the fatal hour,
Why should trash my thoughts employ,
Why should care control my joy?
Death will strike an equal blow
Whether I am rich or no.

Give me then, while life is mine,
jovial friends and sparkling wine;
Give me beauty, kind and free,
Beauty blest in blessing me,
So shall I transported share
All my life that's worth my care.