William Horsley
(1774 - 1858)

Why, gentle shepherd
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Published London, 1801 in "A collection of glees, canons, rounds...inscribed to Mrs Marlow". Horsley was an enthusiastic early-adopter of the metronome: tempo markings are his own.
Lyrics: Lady Anna Riggs Miller

Why, gentle shepherd, on the mountain's brow
With dang'rous steps dost thou love to go?
Has Amarillis' voice thy bosom charm'd
And all thy tender feelings warm'd
With anxious love and soft desire?

Return, thou pensive swain, the am'rous fire,
O make the reed declare thy flame
And teach the echoes Amarillis' name.
Thy warblings sweet will her fond passion move
And bend her alter'd soul to thee and love.