William Horsley
(1774 - 1858)

Gone is my heart for ever
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Published London, 1801.
Lyrics: Peter Pindar (John Wolcot)

Gone is my heart, for ever gone,
And thou the cause, believe me:
Yes, thou the mischief, girl, hast done,
And gloriest to deceive me.
O cheer once more our drooping scenes,
And chase the cloud of sorrow:
O bring those eyes where Summer reigns,
And cheek, the rose would borrow.

Bring back that form which once was mine,
The fount of ev'ry pleasure;
Where beauty with a skill divine
Has lavish'd all her treasure.
Thine art too fatal have I found,
Too deeply, nymph, I feel it;
Sure if thine eyes have giv'n a wound,
'Tis fair thy lips should heal it.