William Horsley
(1774 - 1858)

Blest is the fairy hour
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Published London, 1801. The text is part of a sonnet from Anne Radcliffe's romance "The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne". Horsley was an enthusiastic early-adopter of the metronome: tempo markings are his own.
Lyrics: Anne Radcliffe

Blest is the fairy hour, the twilight shade
Of evening wand'ring through her woodlands dear;
Sweet the still sound that steals along the glade;
'Tis fancy wafts it, and her vot'ries hear.

'Tis fancy wafts it! - and how sweet the sound!
I hear it now the distant hills uplong;
While fairy echoes from their dells around,
And woods and wilds, the feeble notes prolong.