John Davy
(1763 - 1824)

The Fairy Visions Melt Away
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Printed for the author and sold by Preston & son, London, 1790. The text is from Kendall's panegyric "To Mr Jackson of Exeter", viz. William Jackson.
Lyrics: William Kendall

The fairy visions melt away,
Each rapt'rous dream of bliss is flown;
To slow consuming grief a prey,
I feel of love the pangs alone.
When day's declining prospects fade
And darkness sad resumes her reign,
Eager I seek the midnight shade,
there 'mid th'imbow'ring woods complain.

Erstwhile I strayed, by fancy blest,
The pale moon oft in silver streams
(Delusive Hope was then my guest),
Shed o'er my path her pensive beams.
No more I court her pleasing light,
Roving amid the sickly air;
For Hope is lost in endless night,
And Fancy dwells not with Despair.