Rayner Taylor
(1747 - 1825)

Taylor : Never doubt that I love : illustration

Never doubt that I love
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From Taylor's "Collection of favorite songs and an overture", London, 1775.
Lyrics: William Woty

Doubt the morning and evening dew,
Or the blush of the vermil'd-ey'd rose,
Doubt the violet so sweet and so blue
Or the fairness that lilies disclose.
Doubt the snow on the mount to be white,
Doubt the trees that you see in the grove,
Doubt the beams of the sun to be bright,
But oh, never doubt that I love.

Doubt the music that strikes on your ear,
Or the vision so plain to your eye,
Doubt the crystalline gem to be clear,
Or the stars that enlighten the sky.
Doubt the council of truth can betray,
Or constancy's longing to rove,
Doubt that wisdom can lead you astray,
But oh, never doubt that I love.