Rayner Taylor
(1747 - 1825)

Taylor : The Lover of Fashion : illustration

The Lover of Fashion
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From Taylor's "Collection of favorite songs and an overture", London, 1775.
Lyrics: A gentleman of Whitehaven

While courted by Dorus, a wealthy young swain
Of his flocks and his cattle possessed,
He swore tho' in freedom with all the gay plain
He only with me could be bless'd.
He talked of his wealth, of his wisdom and health,
And call'd heav'n to witness his passion;
At each wake and fair he encounter'd me there,
But not like a lover of fashion.

But Colin, top full of his quibbles and jokes,
Makes sonnets and simpers and smiles;
He copies, they say, from the great gentlefolks,
And learns all their ogles and wiles.
The goddess of love he calls from above
To witness, to witness his passion;
Without my complying, he swears that he's dying,
And woos like a lover of fashion.

So winning his looks, with fresh languor he sighs,
With each air, with each motion, he charms;
I affect to look cool but, betray'd by my eyes,
All vanquish'd I sink in his arms.
Then love be my guide, all ills go decide,
Young Colin bids first for my passion;
I'll cast off all toying, coquetting and coying,
And wed with a lover of fashion.