Jeremiah Clark
(c.1743 - 1809)

Go, tuneful bird
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Eight songs, Op. 1, pub. c.1775.

This edition is available with the full string accompaniment, or with a keyboard reduction of the string parts.
Lyrics: William Shenstone

Go, tuneful bird, that gladd'st the skies,
To Daphne's window speed thy way,
And there on quiv'ring pinions rise,
And there thy vocal art display.
And if she deign thy notes to hear,
And if she praise thy matin song;
Tell her, the sounds that soothe her ear
To Damon's native plains belong.

Tell her, in livelier plumes array'd,
The bird from Indian groves may shine,
And ask the lovely partial maid,
What are his notes compared to thine;
Then bid her treat you, witless beau,
And all his flaunting race with scorn,
And lend an ear to Damon's woe,
Who sings her praise and sings forlorn.