Venanzio Rauzzini
(1746 - 1810)

Rauzzini : Ah, touch again that plaintive strain : illustration

Ah, touch again that plaintive strain
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A Favorite Song with an accompaniment for the Harp or Piano Forte. The Music by Sigr. Rauzzini.
Lyrics: Anon

Ah, touch again that plaintive strain,
The gently soothing notes impart;
A seeming solace to my pain
Yet, while they ravish, pierce the heart.
Touch it again; too well I know
The soft, seducing, dang'rous sound,
Which, while its measures sweetly flow,
Pours balmy poison in my wound.

'Twas ye, enchanting notes, that stole
Through false but lovely Delia's breath,
The joy and freedom of my soul,
And hid among your raptures, Death.
So the fond fly, impell'd by Fate,
Again the tempting treach'ry tries,
And, drinking deep the honied bait
Of sweet intoxication, dies.