Samuel Holyoke (arr.)
(1762 - 1820)

Eight minuets
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First Minuetto - Second Minuet - Third Minuet - Fourth Minuetto - Fifth Minuetto - Sixth Minuetto - Lady Coventry's Minuet - Foots Minuet

A selection of minuets from Holyoke's "Instrumental Assistant", Exeter, New Hampshire, vols I (1800) and II (1807).

The first six of these minuets are of United States origin, after 1800, and are probably by Holyoke himself. The other two are from tune books and tutors originating in Britain in the period before the revolution. From 1756 until 1815 the United States and Great Britain had a common heritage of military bands with a mixed repertoire of military and social (usually dance) music. A typical band in the U.S. and in the English provinces nearer the earlier date would comprise two clarinets (or oboes or (rarer) flutes), and a bassoon, later (in the 1780s) increasing in size with the addition of two horns.