Jacob Handl
(1550 - 1591)

Pueri concinite
(S.S.S.A. (or T.T.T.B.))
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A setting of the third verse of "Resonet in laudibus" from Tomus Primus Operis Musici, Prague, 1586. This edition incorporates the text of the first verse, to enable a rendition with the more familiar words.

Handl directed that the work be performed "Ad æquales". Accordingly, this edition is offered at one tone above original pitch for S.S.S.A. or transposed down an octave from the revised pitch for T.T.T.B.; the closest achievable to equal voices, given the two octave range of the setting.
Lyrics: Anon

Pueri concinite,
nato regi psallite,
voce pia dicite:
[Resonet in laudibus,
cum jucundis plausibus
Syon cum fidelibus:]
Apparuit quem genuit Maria.
Sunt impleta quæ prædixit Gabriel.
Eya, Eya. Virgo Deum genuit
quem divina voluit clementia.

Let us sing of the child,
hymn the king that is born,
and speak in reverent tones:
[Let Sion and the faithful
ring with joyful praise:
He has come that is born of Mary.]
Gabriel's prediction has come to pass.
Eia, Eia. The Virgin has borne that God
which was gifted in divine compassion.