Motet for the Feast of the Assumption from Promptuarii musici (vol. 3), 1613.
Lyrics: Latin Antiphon

Haec est dies quam fecit Dominus.
Hodie Dominus afflictionem populi sui respexit
et redemptionem misit.
Hodie mortem quam femina intulit, femina fugavit.
Hodie Deus homo factus.
Id quod fuit permansit, et quod non erat assumpsit,
ergo exordium nostrae redemptionis devotem recolamus
et exultemus dicentes: Gloria tibi Domine.

This is the day which the Lord hath made.
On this day the Lord hath seen the afflictions of his people
and hath sent them redemption.
On this day death which was borne by woman has been put to flight by a woman.
On this day God made man.
That which He was endures, that which He was not He has become.
Let us therefore devoutly recollect our redemption
And rejoice saying: "Glory to thee, O Lord".
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Claudio Merulo
(1533 - 1604)

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Haec est dies


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