Thomas Attwood
(1765 - 1838)

Toll Nelson's knell
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Dirge to the memory of Lord Viscount Nelson, publ. Monzani & Go, music sellers to the HRH the Prince of Wales, 1805. Attwood, as organist of St Paul's, contributed music to Nelson's state funeral in January 1806, including a Grand Dirge for the organ. This dirge is entirely different, being intended for glee club, or other secular, use.
Lyrics: William Lisle Bowles

Toll Nelson's knell; a soul more brave
Ne'er triumph'd on the green-sea wave.
Sad o'er the hero's honour'd grave,
Toll Nelson's knell.

The ball of death unerring flew;
His cheek has lost its ardent hue,
He sinks amid his gallant crew.
Toll Nelson's knell

Yet lift, brave chief thy dying eyes;
Hark, loud huzzas around thee rise;
Aloft the flag of conquest flies;
The day is won.

The day is won: peace to the brave;
But, whilst the joyous streamers wave,
We'll think upon the victor's grave.
Peace to the brave.