Thomas Tallis
(c.1505 - 1585)

Tallis : Absterge Domine : illustration

Absterge Domine
(S.A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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From Cantiones Sacræ, 1575. See also the English contrafact "Discomfit them O Lord".
Lyrics: Anon

Absterge Domine delicta mea, quae inscienter juvenis feci,
et ignosce poenitenti, nam tu es Deus meus, tibi soli fidit anima mea.
Tu es salus mea. Dolorem meum testantur lachrimae meae
Sis memor Domine bonae voluntatis tuae
Nunc exaudi preces meas et serviet per aevum tibi spiritus meus. Amen

O Lord, wipe away my faults which I in ignorance committed in my youth,
and forgive the penitent one: for thou art my God, my soul hath faith in thee alone.
Thou art my salvation; my tears bear witness to my grief.
Remember, O Lord, thy good will.
Hear now my prayers, and my spirit shall serve thee throughout all ages. Amen.