Clément Janequin
(c.1485 - 1558)

Il était une fillette
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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A slice of smut as originally published, 1541, to which is appended (in case once is not enough) dance book versions published by Susato (1551) and Moderne (c.1550).
Lyrics: Anon

Il était une fillette qui voulait savoir le jeu d'amour.
Un jour qu'elle était seulette je lui en a pris deux ou trois tours.
Après avoir senti le goût elle me dit en souriant
"Le premier coup me semble lourd mais la fin me semble friand".
Je lui dis "vous me tentez", elle me dit "recommencez",
Je l'empoigne, je l'embrasse, je la fringue fort.
Elle crie "ne cessez", Je lui dis "vous me gastez,
Laissez moi petite garce vous avez grant tort".
Mais quand ce vient à sentir le doux point
Vous l'eussiez vu mouvoir si doucement
Que son las coeur lui tremble fort et poingt
Mais, Dieu merci, c'était un doux tourment.

There was a young girl who would know of the game of love.
One day when she was alone I taught her a trick or two.
After a taster she said to me, smiling,
"It's tough at the start, but the end seems pleasant to me".
I said to her "You tempt me!", she said "Begin again",
I grasp her, embrace her and frisk her briskly.
She cries "Don't stop", I say "I'm wrecked.
Leave me alone little one, you are doing wrong".
But when it came to the nicest bit,
You should have seen her move so gently
That her heart trembled and pained her
But, thank God, it was a sweet torment.