William Shield
(1748 - 1829)

Shield : The Maid of the Mill : illustration

The Maid of the Mill
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Composed or adapted by Shield for his opera Rosina, the tune appears in several Morris traditions.
Lyrics: Frances Brooke

He: I've kissed and I've prattled to fifty fair maids,
And changed them as often, d'ye see! (twice)
But of all the fair maidens that dance on the green,
The maid of the mill for me. (twice)

She: There's fifty young men who have told me fine tales,
And called me the comeliest she! (twice)
But of all the gay wrestlers that sport on the green,
Young Harry's the lad for me. (twice)

He: Her eyes are as black as the sloe in the hedge,
Her face like the blossoms in May; (twice)
Her teeth are as white as the new-shorn flock,
Her breath like the new-made hay. (twice)

She: He's tall and he's straight as the poplar tree,
His cheeks are as fresh as the rose; (twice)
He looks like a squire of high degree,
When dressed in his sunday clothes. (twice)