Richard Dering
(c.1580 - 1630)

Factum est silentium
(S.S.A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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From Dering's Cantica Sacra, Antwerp, 1618. The composer provided a continuo part, following the bass (or lowest sounding voice). This has been omitted in favour of the reduction (for rehearsal purposes).
Lyrics: Anon

Factum est silentium in caelo,
Dum committeret bellum draco
Cum Michaele Archangelo.
Audita est vox milia milium dicentium:
Salus honor et virtus omnipotenti Deo.

Silence befell heaven,
Whilst a dragon battled
With archangel Michael.
The voice of thousand upon thousand was heard, saying:
Safety, honour and goodness to Almighty God.