Giovanni Croce
(c.1557 - 1609)

Croce : From profound centre of my heart : illustration

From profound centre of my heart
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Croce's Sette sonetti penitentiali were first published in 1597. They arrived in England a decade later as "Musica Sacra: to Six Voyces. Composed in the Italian tongue by GIOVANNI CROCE. Newly Englished. In London Printed by Thomas Este, the assigne of William Barley. 1608."
Lyrics: Psalm 130, paraphrased in sonnet by Francesco Bembo, english'd by R.H.

From profound centre of my heart I cried
To thee O lord, Lord let thine ear draw near me,
To note my mournings, and quick-quickly hear me;
Hear my sad groans, to thy sweet grace applied.
Lord, if thou look with rigour down unto us, To mark our sin,
O who shall then abide it? But, if with pardon thou be pleas'd to hide it
(If mercy thou vouchsafe) what shall undo us?
Upon thy word my soul hath firmly reared
Her tower of trust, there is my hope possessed;
With thee is mercy, that thou may'st be feared;
Mercy, for those that are in soul depressed.
Israel's redeemer, whom thou hast endeared
Becomes through thee, of sinner, saint and blessed.