Giovanni Croce
(c.1557 - 1609)

Croce : Blessed are they whose faults : illustration

Blessed are they whose faults
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Croce's Sette sonetti penitentiali were first published in 1597. They arrived in England a decade later as "Musica Sacra: to Six Voyces. Composed in the Italian tongue by GIOVANNI CROCE. Newly Englished. In London Printed by Thomas Este, the assigne of William Barley. 1608."
Lyrics: Psalm 32, paraphrased in sonnet by Francesco Bembo, english'd by R.H.

Blessed are they whose faults (so oft forbidden)
Have free forgiveness, and a full remission:
And they whose sins (of act and of omission)
Are not imputed, but in mercy hidden.
Therefore my crime I have confessed before thee;
Which graciously (my God) thou hast forgiven:
The more therefore I laud thee (King of heaven
And all thy saints shall in due time adore thee,
O thou my refuge and my consolation,
Deliver me my God which art almighty:
From enemies that envy my salvation.
A many rods pursue the sinner (rightly)
But those that place in thee their expectation,
Grace shall embrace. Joy ye that walk uprightly.